Roy Ira

Still Be My Love

Still Be My Love

The first full-length album from Nashville country/folk/indie band Roy Ira featuring a fleshed out, larger sound complete with piano, lap steel, fiddle and drums. The album encompasses a wide range of musical styles, from old-time country to gospel to ragtime to rock.

  • 01. Like a Bad Movie
  • 02. My Sweetest Dreams
  • 03. We Come to Praise His Name
  • 04. Abby with Yellow Flowers In Her Hair
  • 05. Stronger Than Any Man
  • 06. One Day
  • 07. I Sing Glory
  • 08. The Angel of Death Came to David's Room (mewithoutyou cover)
  • 09. How Lonely How Dreary
  • 10. Going On Without You Babe
  • 11. The Dustbowl
  • 12. Days I Slept

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Photos by Joey Ciccoline